Cookbooks I’m Giving Away

You can pick these up from my home. If you send me $10, I’ll mail them to an address in the USA.

  • Webster’s Dictionary of the English Language: Handy School and Office Edition (not a cookbook 🙂
  • KitchenAid Mixers & Attachments Recipes and Instructions
  • “Wats-on the Menu?”: Recipes Complied by University Hospital Employees, Friends and Families (see note below)
  • The Wagoneer – Recipes compiled by The Welcome Wagon Club of Augusta
  • A Taste of Heaven: A Collection of Recipes from the Women in the Church of Westminister Presbyterian Church (Augusta, GA)

The title “Wats-on the Menu?” is a tribute to W.G. “Curly” Watson, M.D., who chaired Augusta, GA’s University Hospital Ob/Gyn Department for most of his 50-year career. Both of my parents worked with him. I have 2 copies.


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